Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spiritual Psychology and its Value to You

I recently met with a spiritual psychologist and personal coach and was impressed with the course of instruction she undertook to try to marry the spiritual world with that of the emotional and intellectual aspects of psychology.

I think that a truly "balanced", and therefore happy individual, is one who has a good mix of spiritual and psychological/intellectual sensitivity of themselves and others; a true balance of "heart and mind". When I coach people, I first ask them to evaluate their "personal and professional resources". These are the diverse elements of our lives that we rely on in our daily lives. These resources include one's physical, spiritual, financial, inter-presonal and family, educational, experiential, and various extra-curricular preparedness. If many or most of these resources are in "good shape", then we can move onto examining how best to identify and achieve their future career goals and desires.

If these resources are weak or under-developed, then it is necessary to take steps to refresh and strengthen them before proceeding with their career program.

Take time today to fully evaluate your "personal and professional resources". If they are in some disarray, take steps to obtain the support of friends, lovers, family members, clergy and yes, a coach. Working with them, re-build your preparedness so that you can formulate and act on a career plan that will take you where you want to be- "professional success and personal happiness".

Peter Engler
Engler Career Group
www. englercareergroup.com