Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Not Call Board Members in Your Career Search?

No One Ever Calls Board Members!!

In your career search, consider contacting BOARD MEMBERS. Think about it. They are not contacted by job seekers because people don't think to do so, or they are intimidated from doing so.

Board Members are people too! They like to hear from smart, experienced executives like you who might be a solution to a problem or need that they have for their company. Board members have skin in the game and may be disgruntled with current executives or may be responsible for a major company initiative for which they may need your help.

Check the board members of companies where you want to work and deserve to work based upon your skills, background and interests. Email them and call them, offer to meet to chat about the company and how you might be able to help. A hint as to what may be high on their minds could be found in the "Press" section of the company website. See if current projects, introductions, acquisistions or other news is right in your wheelhouse.

Contact board members. It could be a fast means of connecting with your target companyies' key opportunities.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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