Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To Get a Job, Get in Shape!

In my career coaching practice working with executives at all levels across the country, I address the entire person, not just their career or job objectives and concerns.
This includes getting lots of information and insights regarding their financial, spiritual, interpersonal relationships, family, education, hobbies and other important life issues.
Regarding a successful job search or career redirection, I think that the most important life issue to immediately address and solve is your health.  Most of my clients are forty-five plus.  It is quite surprising to learn how many of them have not taken good care of themselves.  They have tried to address all of the life issues above with varying degrees of success, but have neglected to have regular physicals and most importantly, get in shape.
Getting in great physical shape is critical to a successful job search or career re-direction.  Many people say to me that they are “too old” to get a new job or change their stripes.  My response is that your age equals sagacity.  You are now an expert, and should promote yourself on that basis.
What people really mean when they make the age comment, is that they LOOK too old; they are overweight and out of shape.  Hiring executives are not going to be keen on hiring someone who does not appear to value their health and appearance.  If you cannot take care of yourself, how will you be expected to take care of your business.
One of my clients took the mission of improving his health to heart.  In a matter of months, he lost forty pounds.  More importantly, he kept his weight at the new level through a committed program of regular exercise and healthy dieting.
He looks ten years younger than his fifty-four years and is happier with himself than he has been in years.  His wife is thrilled.  He is also a candidate for several excellent senior executive positions that fit his career planning goals.
Look in the mirror.  Do you look youthful, vigorous and healthy?  If not, make a decision to lose weight and improve your overall health.  Today.

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