Sunday, September 8, 2013


This may appear obvious or even a bit sophomoric, but the primary reason any of us has a job is that a company or organization needs someone to HELP them accomplish certain goals.  

They do not necessarily need a VP of Marketing, Product Manager, Channel Marketer. Those are job titles.
What they really need is HELP.  Help introducing new products, help leading teams, help conducting consumer research, help setting sales and pricing plans.  The need for HELP is inexhaustible.

So, what does this mean to all of us, either employed or seeking new employment?

I think it means we have to communicate, promise, convince and live a message of helping others, rather than focusing on ourselves.

We spend a great deal of time writing and selling ourselves through resumes, bios, emails, websites, LinkedIn profiles, etc.  Mostly, those communications are all about us.  Not them.  The people (companies, organizations, consultancies, etc) who need our HELP.  That  is,our commitment to help, not just lead, market, research, study, introduce products, etc.  
HELP is an ATTITUDE, not a just another line in your resume.  It should be expressed in your professional “key selling statement”; that brief set of words that clearly describes and sets you apart in terms of who you are, how you want to help, and where you want to do that helping.

Here is an example of such a statement at the front of a resume:

A collegial and creative financial services marketing executive, with special ability to build consensus and action among a diversified team of professionals, seeking to help a mid-sized company or organization achieve mission-critical objectives in a timely, cost-effective and profitable fashion.

This statement briefly defines your unique value, indicates your spirit of helpfulness (you are a sensitive team-builder and leader, not someone who might upset the apple cart in the process), and states the nature of the company where you wish to work.

It knits YOU and THEM together in the spirit of helpfulness.

I think this is the essence of a contract between a professional and a company.

Should you agree, I hope you will consider adjusting your communications and your personal approach to new opportunities, relationships and challenges with HELPING high on your list of tools.

Good luck!

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