Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Creating and Living Your Purpose Statement

Companies have Mission Statements that are efforts to put their corporate vision and mission into writing. So why shouldn't you?

While not perfect, this nevertheless is a useful tool to ensure that management and employees are thinking, at least a bit, about why they come to work every day. What is their mission.

We suggest that you create your own Purpose Statement. 

Why Purpose?

We think this better expresses the work that you are doing in Returning to Relevance.
We also think it is more powerful and action-oriented; Purpose is more immediate than a longer-range Mission. It is the daily, here-and-now of what we are doing to re-confirm our immediate and longer-term future.

Your Purpose Statement should include:

1             A cogent headline that is exciting and very descriptive of the “New You”, the newly relevant you. Who are you.
2             A expression of your values; what drives and satisfies you.
3             An expression of your beliefs; how do you do your purpose, your style.
4             A headline for your Purpose
5             Keep this simple and powerful; make every word count.


David Smith Means Dedication to Our Veterans
I am a Veteran. I am informed and sensitive regarding the needs of Veterans; I am focused upon supporting them with thoughtful vision and sound planning and implementation

My Values
I believe strongly in the need to support our Veterans of all ages, sex and heritage, and strongly believe that there exist effective and affordable solutions to even the most pressing issues threatening their well-being, safety, financial integrity and dignity.

My Beliefs/What I Want for Myself.
I believe that, working together, we can utilize our individual talents, expertise and energy to identify, analyze, and solve even the most trying challenges facing our veterans. I also believe we can effectively integrate the Veterans, themselves, in this process to ensure they feel involved and personally responsible for the results.

Thoughtful and Effective Solutions to the Needs of Veterans is our Purpose.

At the end of the day, every day, we take pride in our individual and team’s willingness to learn, innovate and succeed on behalf of all Veterans.

So, refer to your purpose statement often. Hang it in your office. Periodically consider if it remains true and rededicate yourself to "living it".

©Peter G. Engler,2015

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